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puppy yoga, joga ze szczeniaczkami, joga z psami, puppy joga, joga z pieskami

Paw Yoga is an innovative company that introduced a unique form of relaxation to Poland - Puppy Yoga.

Our story began with love for animals. We strive to provide them not only with socialization in safe conditions, but also with a way to explore new stimuli, connecting their needs with people's mental and physical health.

We are proud that we are the first in Poland to create a practice that combines elements of yoga and interaction with cute puppies.


We only work with certified breeders associated with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) to ensure that our participants have contact with dogs from responsible and caring environments.

Safety comes first

The health and safety of our participants and furry companions are our priority. All our classes are conducted in accordance with strict safety measures:

  • Mat Disinfection: Before each meeting, mats are thoroughly disinfected to ensure a clean and hygienic practice environment.

  • Room disinfection: The rooms where classes take place are regularly disinfected to ensure optimal hygienic conditions.

  • Participant regulations: All participants are asked to read and accept the regulations, which describe in detail the rules of conduct towards dogs and other important guidelines.

  • Freedom of choice for dogs: During classes, dogs decide what they want to do. They can play with the participants, relax in their company or spend time in a specially prepared playpen. We also provide them with constant access to fresh water and maintain regular feeding hours.

We believe that our Puppy Yoga not only provides unforgettable moments of joy, but also enables an amazing experience of harmony between people and animals. If you are looking for a unique adventure that combines physical health and peace of mind, Paw Yoga is just for you.

Join us and immerse yourself in the world of Puppy Yoga, where balance between body and soul is combined with love for our four-legged friends!


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