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Give your loved ones a unique experience

Are you looking for a unique gift that will provide joy, relaxation and unforgettable moments? Here are our Paw Yoga vouchers, the perfect solution for animal lovers and practitioners who want to discover the magic of Puppy Yoga.

The price of our voucher isPLN 150, and in return, the recipient receives something invaluable - priority in choosing yoga classes with puppies without registration. This is a chance to discover a unique practice that combines yoga with love for four-legged friends.

How it's working?

  1. Purchase a voucher: Choose our voucher as a gift and send it to your beloved animal lover or practitioner.

  2. Reservation: The recipient can easily reserve a place in the classes, choosing a convenient date.

  3. Magical practice: After arriving at the class, the participant will experience the magic of Puppy Yoga surrounded by adorable dogs.


Not only a gift, but also an experience.

Give your loved one something more than just a material gift. Give her the opportunity to relax, listen to herself and experience the harmony that yoga practice with cute dogs provides.

Who are Paw Yoga vouchers for?

  • For animal lovers who want to immerse themselves in a relaxing atmosphere in the company of dogs.

  • For those who want a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and want to find peace in exercising and interacting with dogs.

  • For people who want to give their loved ones a unique experience.

Our vouchers are a gift full of value and personalized to the individual needs of the recipient. We assure you that it is an unforgettable gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Give your loved ones a gift that will give them joy, inner peace and amazing memories.


Choose Paw Yoga vouchers and give a unique experience that unites people and animals in one beautiful harmony dance.

To purchase a gift voucher, please complete the form below or send an inquiry to our e-mail address:

This is the last step to a unique gift...

Thank you! We will soon send details about your purchase to the e-mail address provided :)

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